The Ron McKinney Photography studio in downtown Algonquin is a dream come true. The studio itself is a great space for taking pictures.  We were initially drawn the space because of the historical nature of the space. Columbia Hall was built in 1893. It has been a part of downtown Algonquin as community and social space for over a century.  Inside, it has a full wall of exposed brick that we love and our clients can’t get enough of!  The high ceilings are another important feature of the studio. They allow me to use lighting to create mood in headshots and portraits. The space is intimate and homey, but I have room for photographing large groups as well. We are offering photography and modeling classes in the studio and have space for social events as well.

My approach to photography has always been to making the whole experience of having your picture taken a really enjoyable time.  Some people are natural to photo shoots, but I know a lot of people are nervous or even uncomfortable with it.  I try to connect with everyone before I even start taking pictures, as I want them to relax and be themselves.   After the photo shoot, I want you to love the photos and feel like they are worthy of becoming wall art in your home.  I consider myself a fine arts photographer as I want all of my photos to be as beautiful as possible, taking into account lighting and composition.  Even when I’m photographing a wedding and taking photojournalistic pictures of the day, I’m doing it in a way that really captures the beauty and the emotion, with lots of light and the best possible composition.

My wife Beth and I always thought of our marriage as being a team. I’ve played sports all my life, so it just made sense to think of us this way – sharing the work and playing to each other’s strengths. So when I decided to take the leap and leave my corporate job to pursue photography full-time, it only made sense that Beth would be my teammate.  Her attention to helping our customers complements my passion for making great photos.  We work together, with her running the office and handling scheduling and planning questions, and me taking and editing photos and videos, and designing albums.

Together, Beth and I really try to make working with our business an overall great experience. We like getting to know the people we work with, appreciating their interests and inner beauty. We like to be really straightforward in our business terms, so there aren’t any surprises.  I really love that we have a partnership because it allows us to be more responsive to clients.  Often, Beth is answering emails and phone calls while I’m out on location taking pictures or on the computer editing.  It’s great to know our clients can usually reach one of us.

Along with doing weddings and senior and family portrait sessions, we’re asked to do a lot of editorial work by magazines in our area.  Be sure to check out our publications.

For more information about our portrait sessions, please visit this page.

Call or email Beth at or 847.989.2782 to schedule your portrait session or me at or 312.613.0674.