Bella’s Senior Portraits in Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake Senior PIctures with Fall colors

Bella wanted to have her pictures taken at a location where the fall colors could really be featured.  I knew we’d get some great fall colors at Veterans Acres in Crystal Lake, so I suggested we go there.

The light was really amazing on this day, and it really brought out Bella’s blue eyes.  I think that’s one of the elements that makes my pictures stand out from other photographers, understanding how the light works to help make your senior look as amazing as she is.

On some of the shots on the bridge, where you can see Bella turning and smiling back at me, that’s all Bella.  That’s her personality, just having fun posing for the camera, moving around, twisting, and constantly smiling because it was just such a fun photo session!

While she changed clothes, I found some trees I wanted to use as a backdrop.  The fall of 2016 was not a great year for fall colors here in the Crystal Lake area, but sometimes all you need is one really good tree to create an outstanding fall portrait.  In some of these shots, she’s actually standing on a picnic table so I could get her elevated and up in line with the tree behind her.

In the next shots with the red tree as a backdrop, she’s actually dancing for me! It’s funny how quickly I’m able to develop a rapport with my seniors, whether they are boys or girls. We just somehow connect pretty easily, and the next thing you know, she’s dancing for me.  To me, my ability to connect with seniors is another huge reason to hire me.  I just have an uncanny ability to make my subjects feel completely comfortable doing their photo session.

The final shots in this blog are actually shots from our Senior Ambassador Fall Fashion photo session where my senior ambassadors got to model clothing from several local boutiques in the area, including some shops in Crystal Lake.

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