I usually meet the DePaul Dance Team dancers in Chicago, but this time they came to me at our downtown Algonquin studio. We took some shots inside the studio using some creative, artistic lighting. These girls are so incredibly athletic. I also enjoy how imaginative they are in coming up with some of these poses!

We used our yellow and red umbrellas and the puddles outside the front door. We incorporated the black iron staircase on the side of the building. Just outside the entrance to the studio, we took one of my favorite pictures of a dancer in the inset of an old window just under our entrance sign. Inside, we brought out red crinoline and the white sheers on our tall windows.

We wanted to capture some dance poses and jumps with the setting sun on the horizon, which is hard to do with the tall buildings in the city. So after getting some shots at the studio and a local Algonquin golf course, we headed to my secret spot where you can always get these amazing Algonquin sunset shots.

At the golf course, we took some fun group shots of the DePaul Dance Team.  It’s fun to watch them together.

I was really looking forward to the sunset silhouette shots. With these dancers, they’re capable of getting into a lot of body positions that look amazing against the sky.  We took some shots with a flash to light them, and others where they were a pure silhouette.  Either way, they simply looked amazing.

You can also check out our official team photo session with the DePaul Cheerleading and Dance Teams here: http://www.ronmckinneyphoto.com/depaul-university-cheer-team-2016/

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DePaul University Dance Team

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