Hannah had just finished her freshman year at Jacobs High School in Algonquin, IL, and she was a fabulous dancer on the varsity dance team. She was a perfect fit for my Urban Portrait Series that I’ve continued out here in rural Illinois. My Urban Portrait Series is a photo session where I take a dancer to an outdoors environment, and we simply collaborate and find ways for her to interact with the environment.

We started the photo session near the Schweitzer Woods preserve in Sleepy Hollow. There was this cool little creek I wanted to work with, a rocky bridge, and a walking path winding through these tall trees. I wanted to feature Hannah’s natural lines especially when she extended her leg straight up. From there, we went to this open area where I had Hannah put on this really cool, edgy black tutu. For me, this shot of her was what made the whole shoot worthwhile. I had it printed to 24×36 inches so it could be featured prominently in our studio.

From there, we went to this other location where we could work with a white barn and a small pond. The light wasn’t what I was hoping for in the pond area, so we focused on the barn and the surrounding foliage. We then wrapped up the shoot with a couple of really impressive silhouette shots with the sunset in the background, and featuring Hannah’s gorgeous jumps.

dance photographs_3447.jpg

dance photographs_3448.jpg

dance photographs_3449.jpg

dance photographs_3450.jpg

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