Ron’s dance photography has taken him to many cities and given him the opportunity to work with local dance studios, major professional dance companies, and dancers at all levels. We provide professional and pre-professional dancers with audition position and headshots as well as on-location photos, such as from our Urban Portrait Series.

Individual headshots and dance poses portraits can be scheduled individually. We love to work outdoors and use natural light, in the dancer’s dance studio, or in our studio in the Northwest suburbs.  Audition photos usually work best when a group of dancers from the same studio request them.  You can see some of Ron’s audition shots here.

One of our favorite projects is an ongoing series of dancers on location.  In the Urban Portrait Series, dancers are photographed in a style that has the dancer interacting with whatever scene we happen to be at, whether we’re at a forest preserve, next to a river, or at a local downtown spot.  We also do these these shoots at well-known landmarks including the Boston Harbor, Discovery Gardens in Houston, the front steps of the Chicago Art Institute and the bean at Millennium Park in Chicago. Every day locations like the lakefront, a local park, the side door of a theater, or the downtown of your suburb also make great places  to take posed portraits.  Dancers often bring several different outfits to change into for these shoots.  Take a look at our blog on the Urban Portrait Series.

I also shoot more creative and stylized shoots in an indoor studio.  I prefer to do these shoots in my studio but I have also been hired to do these shoots at a dance studio or at a university dance team’s location.  You can see the mulititude of different looks we are able to get with these stylized shoots, and often use silky material or other props to add to the look.  If you want me to come to you, I usually do these working with a minimum of 10 dancers to make it affordable for the dancers.  But this can also be an individual shoot, or with just a few dancers, at my studio.  Here are some samples.

Please feel free to call Ron at 312-613-0674 or email at to request information about the audition pictures, Urban Portrait Series, or the creative and stylized indoor studio shoots.

Ron is the official photographer for Ballet Chicago and is often hired by dance companies for a variety of reasons.  He can photograph their dance performances, costume portraits, audition shots, or provide marketing photos for the studio.

Ron can photograph either dress rehearsals or the actual performances, using a silencing muffler on his camera so he doesn’t distract anyone even right next to him.  With the company’s permission, I post the best photos onto our online gallery and parents and dancers can purchase prints directly from us.  The dance companies receive the best images for free to use for their marketing and social media.

Here are some examples of my dance performance shots: Ballet Chicago performance shots, the Pioneer Valley Nutcracker,  & the Houston Ballet and the Grand Rapids Ballet.

We were especially thrilled when Houston Ballet asked us to go to Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, MA, to document Houston Ballet’s Artistic Director Stanton Welch as he choreographed a dance there for the annual festival.  It was especially fun since the Pittsburgh Ballet’s Dennis Marshall was also there.

I am sometimes asked to come in to get more candid shots of a dance company’s auditions or classes.  I have done this for the Houston Ballet, Ballet Chicago and a number of other dance companies.  Here are some of my favorites taken at Ballet Chicago.

I’ve also enjoyed taking marketing and brochure shots for Ballet Chicago using my marley flooring and backdrops at their studio.  We take the time to get the lighting just right for any given shot, and the dance studio’s director oversees the poses as we collaborate to create the perfect dance images.

Parents and dancers love to get their costume portraits taken just before a performance.  Since it’s easier to move me than it is to move all the dancers and costumes, I do these shoots at the dance company’s studio.  I can do these very quickly and photograph up to 100 dancers or more in one setting.  We can even have two set-ups in place if the company would like a second backdrop.  Here are some samples of costume portraits.

Just for kicks, here are my favorites photos of Little Dancers during rehearsals and performances.
Headshots can be scheduled individually. However, we recommend scheduling headshots for a group of dancers at your studio, or ours, in one afternoon. We also photograph position shots used for audition pictures.  I recently partnered with Dynamic Perception Dance Company in Westmont, Illinois for some awesome dancer position photographs.

For information on recital portraits, contact Ron at 312-613-0674 or


I like to consider himself the official photographer for the DePaul University dance and cheer teams, and the Calumet College of St. Joseph dance team, as he’s been working with them both for a couple years now.  Dancers on college and university dance teams hire me to do their audition pictures, head shots, and then spend some time getting some fun, creative shots that will serve as keepsakes for them forever.  These will be the best shots they will ever have of them as dancers while at their school as we meticulously create a setting and lighting that makes them look their best as they pose and dance.  With 10 or more dancers, this can be affordable even for a college student.  I usually do these shoots in their dance studio at their college or university.

Here is a sample with the University of Massachusetts.

Here is a sample with Western Michigan University.

Here is a sample with DePaul University that has both their dance and cheer teams.

Here is a sample with Calumet College of St. Joseph.


Along with photographing university and college dance teams, I have also conducted some shoots with cheerleaders even at the high school level.  I can do these shoots at my studio or go on location at the school where you have the mats to work.   I am normally hired to shoot group photos of the cheerleaders, and then also include individual posed shots and action shots.

Here is a blog with the DePaul University cheer and dance teams.

Here are some photographs of a cheerleading competition.

For more information on these shoots, call Ron at 312-613-0674 or email at