Crystal Lake South High School Senior Portraits with Julia

Crystal Lake Senior Pictures at Veterans Acres

As an Algonquin-based Crystal Lake senior portrait photographer, we’re always happy to do a Crystal Lake South High School senior session at Veterans Acres.  It’s a great location for photo sessions with grand willow trees, huge oak trees, small hills, lots of colorful foliage, and a pond teeming with turtles and even some large bullfrogs.

Julia was a homecoming queen at Crystal Lake South High School this year so we loved the idea of getting a few shots with her tiara.   That worked out really well with an elegant white dress with long sleeves.

Julia and her mom are artistic types, so when I made suggestions to get some artistic shots, shooting through the leaves for example, they were totally on board.

Julia made another change into jeans and a plaid shirt.  After we got some more shots around Veterans Acres, we decided to head back in toward Crystal Lake where I’d seen some railroad cars parked.  We climbed up on them and got some really cool shots using the railroad cars as our backdrop.  The final shots of her walking along the train tracks, and then sitting on the train tracks, were among her favorites.

The shot of her walking along the tracks had some cityscape in the background: traffic lights, cars and buildings. We pulled those out of the scene and instead dropped in some trees so it looked like we were out in the country.  We can’t edit every picture to that extent, but some pictures do call for that.

What do with these pictures

When I do a high school senior portrait session, it’s often a two-hour session and that gives us plenty of time to change clothes a couple times, and we often go to a second location.  Many of my clients opt to purchase an album that they can keep forever to remind them of this special time in their son or daughter’s life.

senior portraits_3457.jpg

Crystal Lake South high school senior photo shoot. Model sitting on train tracks in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Black and white photo.

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