I was pretty excited when Krystiana’s mom contacted us to set up a creative dance portrait session in our downtown Algonquin studio.  We met Khrstiana when she was 4 years old and was in a dance class with our daughter, Mia.  Mia moved on to theatrical acting, and Krystiana had stuck with dance.  As you can see here, she has developed into an incredibly talented dancer!

Doing a creative dance portrait session in the studio is a lot of fun for me.  I can control the light, set up a white setting, a black setting, or use my brick walls. Krystiana chose white for her session and it looked amazing with her colorful attire.

Naturally, we had to use the brick walls as well.  It wasn’t even that cold outside, so we stepped outside for a few minutes for a couple of outdoor shots. Krystiana was just killing it, no matter what our setting was.  She was really excited about this photo shoot, and it showed in her focus and determination to get the shots exactly right.

One of the challenging things about dance portraits is doing over and over until everything is absolutely perfect. Serious dancers tend to be pretty much perfectionists, and that’s a good fit for me.  I’m a perfectionist as well and I want these shots to be exactly right, both in the dancer’s technique and my lighting and timing on the shot. I’ve learned a lot about dance photography in the years that I’ve been photographing for dance companies.

Krystiana did a great job coming up with ideas for poses during her dance portrait session.  From there, we worked together to be sure it would look amazing in a photograph.  After this experience, I’m pretty confident she’s already planning an outdoor dance portrait session this summer or fall!

If you’re interested in a creative dance portrait session in the studio or outdoors, check out this link for information: http://www.ronmckinneyphoto.com/home/dance/