Marcus and Brittany were expecting their first baby and they wanted to have fun with a baby announcement for family and friends.

They brought lots of props to their baby announcement photo shoot.  We love it when clients bring items, or pets, to be part of their photo shoot.  It helps represent visually who they are.

Marcus is a school counselor at Dundee-Crown High School in Carpentersville, IL, and contacted our Algonquin photography studio with his pregnant wife, Brittany.  We met at Veterans Acres Park in Crystal Lake for the photo session.

This was another fall photo session with the fall colors in full bloom.  We did a lot of shots with their props: baby books, shoes, onesies, and their ultrasound picture.  We even used a chalkboard to write down their baby’s graduating class year from high school.  I thought that was genius!

Marcus and Brittany were like a lot of couples hiring a photographer for what is essentially their first family photo session.  It’s not always exactly the most comfortable and normal thing to be standing there in front of a photographer.  It can feel unnatural, and one of the things I strive to do in all my sessions is to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible, and I have a full array of really bad jokes to get us there, if needed.

We spent a little more than an hour walking around the park looking for different settings and good light.  This park is amazing for its early evening light, and we took full advantage of it.  Marcus and Brittany were having a great time, which isn’t terribly surprising, given that they were preparing for their first baby.

I think it was a lot of fun for them to take the time to commemorate this special time in their life, and I think we managed to get the pictures they were hoping for.

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