I always enjoy doing an Algonquin senior portrait session, as that’s where I’m based.  With Nicole’s session, we set aside time for three different locations, including the final secret spot where I can always get excellent silhouettes.  I also knew this was going to be a fun session because Nicole was bringing a golf club and ball, and her basketball.  She plays on both the golf and basketball teams for Jacobs High School.

We started at a park behind Jacobs High School, as they liked the pictures I took of another Jacobs senior in that area.  As usual, being in an open space like that park, the light was just gorgeous and that gave us a lot of freedom to do a lot of different types of shots featuring Nicole’s personality and athleticism.  She even danced a little bit for me!

We then scooted over to my favorite park next to the Fox River.  This park is really a great place for photo shoots because you can get so many different looks in one location.  It’s particularly beautiful once the fall colors start kicking in, as they were here.  This was not my first Algonquin senior portrait session that featured this spot!

Nicole was a lot of fun to work with!  I think it’s always important that you feel comfortable with your senior portrait photographer, and that’s one thing I enjoy doing: connecting with my seniors, and getting them to laugh and have fun!

The silhouette shots are something you’re either going to love… or not.  If you follow my work, you’ll know that I love silhouettes.  With Nicole, it was even more fun as I got her to spin the basketball on her finger.  We had some gorgeous clouds as the sun was setting, so that made it that much better of an image.

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Algonquin Senior Portrait Session

Nicole along the Fox River in Algonquin

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Algonquin Senior Portrait Session

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