Our outdoor family portraits session with the Rayman family included fall color. We were so glad we got beautiful weather for these late October photographs! The yellow foliage was a great compliment to these pictures. The Raymans wore subtle yellows and soft blues – a great match for the park.

People often ask us how to make their family session a success.  The key is to coordinate your colors, consider the setting, and try to work with that as well. If your family is really comfortable together and even affectionate, that really comes across well in your photographs.  That’s exactly the case with the Raymans. We had a great time together and they really had fun with the session.

I think you can get some sense of our session by looking at the pictures below.  We mainly move around the park and find a way at any given setting that works well for the family I’m with.  But mainly, I’m focusing on the relationships within the family.

Where to go:

The Rayman family portraits were taken at the Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva, Illinois. This Fox River park is one of our favorite places to take photos. We love the mix of tall trees, flowers, bridges, and arches. The Japanese Garden is definitely a favorite at the Fabyan Forest Preserve, but it’s often closed during the best times (late afternoon to early evening) to do an outdoor portrait session. For that reason, we once again had to miss out on it.

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