The senior ambassador program is an exciting and fun experience for students looking for amazing senior portraits!  We offer a select number of upcoming high school seniors the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind year-long senior portrait program.

These sessions feature fashion, cool locations, & styling services. In addition, we include some pictures for sharing online and mini albums to show off your great pics.

Seniors have two individual 2-hour photo sessions in the area.  They choose their own looks and locations. These are a great chance for seniors to share their personal passions.  Often, ambassadors will bring along an instrument they play or wear the uniform from the sports they play.

In the fall, we partner with Gipper Prom as well as Barrington and Crystal Lake boutiques (the shops helped style the girls).  Seniors model in personally-selected outfits using the studio and surrounding areas. The final session is an artistic concept shoot.  This year, it was an Ice Queen session.  The seniors wore silver and blue gowns, had shimmery and vivid make up applications and we used Photoshop technology to create a magical Ice Queen portrait.

It was fantastic, and every one of the parents and ambassadors said they’d do it again.

The seniors in the class of 2017 told us their favorite part of the year was probably the group portrait session in downtown Chicago. Ambassadors posed for group and individual pictures. Pictures were taken in Millenium Park and Grant Park. Their photos featured the Bean, Buckingham Fountain, Lake Michigan, and more.

For those interested, we also submit the girls for magazine shoots that Ron does for Suburban Life, Kane County Magazine, McHenry County Magazine, and other magazines that he shoots for.  Three of our seven ambassadors from this past year were selected for paid magazine shoots in which the were (or will be) on the cover.

Over the year, the girls experience a transformation as they are taught to model and their confidence in front of a camera just grows like crazy.  

Interested members of the class of 2018 should attend our April 19 meeting at 7 pm at our studio (121 South Main St in Algonquin).  RSVP to Beth at 847.989.2782 (call or text).