Family portraits

On location and in the studio, photographs of families are how we celebrate family!  Be sure to check out our slideshow of family portraits at the bottom of this page!

family picture


Family photos are keepsakes - the way we remember a moment in time with our family. Whether you would like portraits with your immediate family or with your extended family, we'll make the experience fun. Ron will create a variety of photographs and can pose small groups as well. Let us help you create something special for your home. 


Life happens fast. Let us capture your children today. Our approach makes taking photographs fun. Children who are relaxes and can shine. We work both in the studio and outdoors using natural light. 

children picture

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For family sessions, think of your family as having one big work art. The colors all need to look good together, but that doesn’t mean they all have to match exactly. Often, families can begin with one piece they want to wear – a pretty patterned skirt, for instance – and generate outfits from there. You can pull colors from the initial item of clothing and coordinate an entire look. Beth is happy to help you with that process by sharing ideas and collaborating with you.

Clothing in a photo all sets the mood. Bold colors suggest energy and fun, while more muted tones can be calming and sophisticated.

In a one-hour session, it’s best to choose one look.  If your session is longer, you should consider changing outfits in the middle.  You might have a casual look and also a formal look. For individual sessions, or couples sessions, you can bring a second and third set of clothes to change into.


Be sure to check out our slideshow of family shots down below!