Innovative Senior Portraits

Senior pictures should capture your personality and your passions. Our senior portraits are modern and fun. Ron's experience as a magazine and fashion photographer helps ensure that your experience and images are going to be something to be cherished forever.

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Classic portrait session:

This fun and modern session provides you with up to two hours of time taking photographs at your choice of two locations (in-studio, at parks, forest preserves, etc). Wear two to three different outfits and take the opportunity to include your favorite sport or activity, or even the family dog. The session is fun and produces some amazing artistic and fun pictures.

Your investment: $100 creative fee plus a minimum print order of $300. 

Many families choose to purchase prints for sharing with extended family and for displaying at home, while our albums are also very popular. Our 12x12-inch custom-designed books feature premier papers and rich color inks. Choose hinged or lay-flat designs and take advantage of border-to-border printing.

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Epic portrait session

This session is perfect for the senior who wants a truly outstanding senior portrait experience. Spend the day being pampered and treated to professional styling services. Our hair and makeup artist will work with you to create the best look for you. Your look can be diva glamorous or down-to-earth natural.

After your styling session, you'll begin a three-hour portrait session at specially selected locations. We will assist you in choosing the best looks for your portraits and coordinating your clothing with the locations. Your session will include Ron with an assistant, allowing for premiere lighting and magazine-worthy images.

Your investment: $500 creative fee plus a minimum print order of $700. 

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Mini portrait session

The mini session is great for families looking for some great images in a quick session. Our mini sessions are 30-45 minutes. Senior choose a favorite outfit and their photos are taken in our studio or at a nearby outdoor location. The session is fun and families have a great variety of images to choose from after the session.

The session fee for this experience is $75 and there is no minimum order.

ambassador program

The senior ambassador program is a fun and transformative experience for students looking for amazing senior portraits!  We offer a select number of upcoming high school seniors the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind year-long senior portrait program.  Spots are limited and interested students in the graduating classes of 2019 through 2025 should contact us to find out if we have openings. We take up to two seniors per high school and have room for twenty students each year. The class or 2019 and 2020 ambassador program are filling up now, and we have students committed to our program every year through 2025.

These sessions feature fashion shoots, cool locations, & styling services. In addition, we include some pictures for sharing online and mini albums to show off your great pics.

Seniors have two individual 2-hour photo sessions in the area. These are a great chance for seniors to share their personal passions. Often, ambassadors will bring along a musical instrument they play or wear the uniform from the sports they play.  

Ambassadors also participate in three scheduled group photo shoots: an on-location Chicago session; a magazine-style fashion session with clothing from local boutiques and dresses from Gipper Prom; and a stylized concept photo shoot with professional styling and green screen technology.

It was fantastic, and every one of the parents and ambassadors said they’d do it again.

For those interested, we also submit the students for magazine shoots that Ron does for some regional magazines.  Four of our seven Class of 2017 ambassadors were selected for paid magazine shoots in which the were (or will be) on the cover.  Two of our 11 Class of 2018 ambassadors have also earned cover shoots this year.

Over the year, the girls experience a transformation as they are taught to model

and their confidence in front of a camera just grows like crazy.  

modern portraits that capture who you are