Dance costume & performance portraits

We love taking portraits of dancers as part of their studio or company. We make taking photos fun and give dancers a chance to show off their skills!

Order forms for our Spring 2019 company and studio portraits are available here:

Dynamic Perception Showcase Portraits May 18th

Artistry Dance indoor portraits - May 7th

Dynamic Perception Company costume portraits - April 26th

Center Stage costume portraits - May 4th

Ballet Box costume portraits - May 5th

Summers Academy of Dance costume portraits - June 3, 4, 5, & 6

Pizazz Dance Company

Dance & All That Jazz

Abandon Dance Company

We offer families the option to select a gallery of images from which to choose. We also offer prints, downloadable digital photos, and a variety of modern gift items like metallic photo keychains, acrylic blocks and bag tags.

In addition to prints and downloadable images, we offer families a variety of photo gifts to commemorate this year of dance. They make great gifts for extended family, too!

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