Ally senior portraits

I always like to chat with my seniors as we're setting up for their shots.  I like to figure out a lot of things that help me make these sessions tailored to them, but one thing I always learn about our their passions.  When Ally told me she was a runner, this idea came to mind immediately. I'm always watching the sun and I know a lot of the best places in the area for sunrise and sunset photographs.  And I know the best times because it's always changing.  Ally was game for an early morning session. She brought the intensity and the runner's stance.  I brought in the light and composed the shot there at the track and then did some composting afterwards.  the best part?  Sharing it with her and her family. When her dad came in to pick up her album, he did not know how much he owed. He told me that any price would be worth it to have these pictures of her daughter during the last year of high school.